• Lower power costs

    Do you want to lower your energy costs in your data center or other server infrastructure? The measurement data of Ethernetics can show you directly where the problem is and how you can solve it. On top of that, we can automize that whole process. A project to lower your power cost has a fairly short payback time.

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  • Predictive maintenance and maximum uptime

    Unexpected critical faillures of company infrastructure come with high costs. Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence potential problems are identified before they can wreak havoc. And that certainly avoids terrible stress in the company.

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  • Lower your total cost of ownership

    Servers and other infrastructure are very costly. The acquisition as well as as the continous maintenance are expensive matters. Thanks to artificial intelligence we can extend the life expectancy of your capex investments, lower your maintenance costs. You’ll need less labour costs and you will have automatic control instead of reactive and manual system mangagement.

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  • Certification

    Do you want to upgrade your data center to Tier 4? Ethernetics measurement data can help you to demonstrate that you comply.

    Data centers must be able to operate at maximum peak load at all times, with the highest possible energy efficiency and at the lowest possible cost. In addition, ecological standards are finally getting imperative. Ethernetics applauds this evolution, but it remains quite a challenge for data centers. These standards are contained in various certifications and guidelines, like The Green Grid, ASHRAE, ETSI, BICSI, ISO, ISAE, EN,… The measurement data and the dashboards of Ethernetics support you in achieving or maintaining certifications and quality standards.

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