Our commitment towards a green society is to stimulate customer and community relationships built around sustainability and create a platform that shares these common green values, therefore we launched our blog website, welcome to our principle Hub to promote a green society and live up to our 3rd principle of 5 concrete principles to help us guide towards our goals on environmental sustainability.

5 Concrete principles

We have a set of 5 principles to help guide us towards our goals on environmental sustainability:

  • Ethernetics commits itself to actively promote sustainability as a core business value and integrate environmental strategies with business and product development planning;

  • We will efficiently manage the supply chain by working with suppliers to reduce costs and improve environmental performance of their products and services in relation to our products and services and supply chain;

  • We will enhance and stimulate customer and community relationships built around sustainability;

  • We will engage and train staff in sustainability thinking, stimulate employees to volunteer in sustainability initiatives;

  • We will free up budget for community-supporting initiatives. These are focused on improving the environment, helping the less fortunate, raising funds for worthy causes and equivalents.

With our blog we want to underpin our commitment as green entrepreneurs. We are delighted that customers use our technology as a piece of the puzzle in making the internet greener. We greatly value our customers as a fellow on our mission to decarbonize the Internet and are delighted to offer other green entrepreneurs as well a space to promote their sustainable business, we invite you to have a look at the different guest projects and fellow green entrepreneurs under the green society section of our website.

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