BICS is a world leader in the telco industry, providing services in speach and mobile data. BICS’ solutions are essential for supporting the modern lifestyle of today’s device-hungry consumer – from global mobile connectivity, seamless roaming experiences, fraud prevention and authentication, to global messaging and the Internet of Things.

    BICS uses +400 smart Ethernetics meters in network switching points all over the planet, and is planning to ramp it up to 500+ devices in the coming quarters.

    Ethernetics is supporting BICS with smart services to detect and prevent UPS faillures. The faillure of a UPS can easily lead to the consequential loss of connectivity by BICS customers. The support of Ethernetics technology plays a paramount role in the components that deliver uptime guarantee to BICS customers. Those customers themselves are important players in the global market of mobile transactions, authentication, fraud prevention and cross-network internet data traffic.