Decabon Services

Decarbonization platform has

Decabon Benefits

  • Modular Platform
    Decabon is a modular platform that grows along with your power & data distribution needs and  reduces the carbon footprint. The platform is mounted vertically at the edges of your rack and can be equipped with swappable modules for power monitoring & distribution, IoT device  connections, network switches, artificial intelligence inside and software services provided out of the cloud.

  • Smart PDU inside
    Decabon has Industry’s most pervasive real-time measurement of Voltage, Current, Real Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, kVA, kWh, Phase Imbalance and Residual Current with patented oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer built-in. We all made these tangible in our cloud dashboard for you to reduce cost, use less energy, manage your power capacity while lowering your carbon footprint

  • Ultra Fast Switch Module
    Decabon has a click to play Switch module offering East-West data trafficking, accelerating packet routing up to 150%, lowering network energy usage with 15% vs traditional top of rack or end of row switches and topologies, available as of September 2021.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Servers and other infrastructure are very costly. The acquisition as well as as the continuous maintenance are expensive matters. Supported by artificial intelligence housed in our platform we can extend the life expectancy of your capex investments, lower your maintenance costs. You’ll need less labor costs and you will have automatic control instead of reactive and manual system management

  • Condition Bases Monitoring
    Unexpected critical failures of company infrastructure come with high costs. Avoiding downtime and maximizing uptime is on every business it’s agenda. Supported by artificial intelligence housed in our platform we can identify  potential problems before they can wreak havoc, avoid repair stress and save expensive fix measurements and business downtime.

  • Substainability Monitoring
    Ecological standards are getting imperative and sustainability is scattered around various certifications and guidelines, like The Green Grid, ASHRAE, ETSI, BICSI, ISO, ISAE, EN,… The measurement data and the dashboards of Ethernetics support you in achieving or maintaining sustainability certifications and quality standards.