Ethernetics and Polestar, kindred spirits

Ethernetics was founded in 2018, on a strong desire to decarbonize the internet. The world’s shift to digitalization has brought a lot of benefits and prosperity, but equally created an energy-guzzling industry, with a huge carbon footprint. 

Polestar and Robert Leune, the founder of Ethernetics, form a perfect couple of soulmates. The executive director, that previously just used a bike and public transportation is now the proud owner of a brand new, gorgeous Polestar 2.

What can an innovative car company and a data center technology start-up have in common? Polestar started out as the performance sub-brand of Volvo, but evolved into an exciting Electrical Vehicle company, under the parenthood of Geely. Instead of only tweaking the existing automotive traditions towards electrical vehicles, Polestar has rethought car manufacturing from within, with sustainability at the very heart of the vision. The Polestar has a vegan PVC alternative to leather for the interior, the seat fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles and the carpets are woven from recycled fishing nets.

In this age of climate change and incredible need for environmental sustainability, Polestar and Ethernetics are both on a mission to decarbonize their market and build a better world. Both companies realize that you can not change the world, by doing more of the same, or doing the same in a slightly different way. Technological innovation needs to radically challenge the status quo. We shouldn’t be afraid to rethink processes from scratch and abolish the “traditional ways “ of the business. 

The European Commission wants data centers to be carbon neutral by 2030. The automotive industry should also aim for carbon neutrality by 2030. Polestar is ahead of the pack. So is Ethernetics.

Glad to see another small step towards decarbonization.

Gert De Spiegeleer

“It’s not a company car
It’s a company statement.”

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