Good news! Aryx just signed our sustainability charter.

Aryx helps companies become carbon neutral today by building sustainable and green datacenter and connectivity solutions with a focus on performance, and energy usage.

Sounds like a match with Ethernetics? That’s what we thought! There is no partnership stronger then when you share the same goal.

Welcome to our partner network!



Welcome Mattias!

Last month we welcomed our new CFO! @mattias pieters has loads of experience in finance and will guide Ethernetics to and beyond our series A investment.

Always smiling and enthusiastic he combines hands-on tasks with strategic insights, just what a scale-up needs.


Welcome Yonca!

Our advisory board just onboarded a shitload of sustainability knowledge. We are proud to welcome @yonca braeckman.

Yonca is the founder and CEO of Impact Shakers, a global impact ecosystem tackling complex societal and environmental challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship. 

That’s a lot of words and all of them are important but we are just glad she’s there to advise us on sustainability, inclusiveness and doing the right thing right.

It’s an honor to have you on board.



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