Our green solutions deliver performant technology that reduces carbon footprint of the internet across continents and industries. We need to act now as the demand for electricity in the industry is likely to grow to 10% of total electricity consumption by 2030. Our solutions target material carbon footprint reductions per rack by 50% and we are confident we can reach up to 30% less power consumption

Everything starts by collecting data:

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    Energy measurement
    Electricity usage is indicated by numbers: Volt, Ampère, Power. We measure the combination en the behaviour of the elektricity by applying patented measurement techniques. We do this for a whole data center and for any individual server or device, all at the same time. 24 hours per day, microsecond after microsecond. This is the only way to get data that are relevant for the health, the life expectancy and the efficiency of your servers.
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    Environmental factors
    It takes a lot of energy to feed your infrastructure and a same amount to cool it. It’s worth your while to monitor your entire environment in a detailed way. It’s quite possible that the thermostat says that the temperature is under control, but is that the case for every individual rack, every server or infrastructure component? And how about humidity? How can the outside temperature and the weather help you to reduce your energy consumption?

    We collect the data in such detail that we can use it to optimize your infrastructure.

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    Communication flows
    Today everything is working in the cloud. That generates a lot of communication towards the cloud, as well as in the cloud. All that traffic needs to go over a network.

    Ethernetics also looks at the internal communication: when does a server send a message to another server? How long does this message need to reach the other server? And how long does it take to get an answer from the other server? We monitor the data traffic up to the nanosecond. 24 hours a day. This way we expose inefficiencies and security problems.

Measuring this is of interest to me!


We offer off the shelf hard and over the air software solutions starting from our platform commercially known as the Decabon. The Decabon offers Modules that can be swapped, replaced, unplugged, replugged, upgraded, downgraded at will, basically you can add hard or software modules as you go in the free slots of your Decabon platform. The modular approach allows for less material waste and maximum reusability and all electronics and code are architected for keeping Decabon clean and green. The Decabon is most probably worlds most sustainable platform supporting telecoms, datacenters and datacenter operators and their customers in making the internet greener!

Decabon benefits

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    Customers enjoy lower energy costs, thanks to our Decabon platform. Based on micro-measurements of servers and systems, we can tell you exactly where the energy losses occur. We guaratee a 10 times higher energy efficiency in your infrastructure at equal power usage.
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    The Decabon platform can easily be integrated with the 3rd party power devices and popular IoT-sensors. This enables us to train algorithms, based on very large data sets, to automate new processes for ever higher efficiency.

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    Every second thousands of micro-measurements happen on all possible places in your infrastructure. This empowers Decabon platform to avoid the need for human decisions. The machines can decide how to optimize your environment and you energy efficiency, to get to a better PUE.

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