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We offer 2 flavors of engagement bringing people, planet and profit together. As a sales ambassador you can choose to be an Ethernetics representative and act as a Sales Agent or you can choose to join the Partner Program.

Both flavors offer you the possibility to either earn interesting participation fees or achieve healthy margins and profit. Our community of resellers and partners enjoy new revenue streams by offering our technology and services to Data Center providers, Data Center customers or Telco companies.

The principal difference between a reseller and a partner is that the partner is the legal customer entity for Ethernetics whereby a reseller is a sales agency representation ambassadorship. The partner ambassador receives volume incentive rebates depended on the volume commitment. The reseller may receive discounts dependent on single transaction or deal volume and to the discretion of Ethernetics. 

Whether you choose to be a reseller or partner ambassador, both flavors offer substantial means to generate additional revenue for your business.

What’s in it for you?

  • Profit
    We offer a win – win relationship and a transparent price setting, commissions or margin and profit scheme designed to enhance your own profitability and revenue.

  • Green
    Our dashboard offers a view on the amount of CO2 your generated sales or customers are reducing, giving you a click or swipe away form your personal contribution in decarbonizing the internet.

  • Protect
    We offer a simple deal registration process guaranteeing your rights to a deal with a fast approval turnaround. 

  • Market
    As reseller or partner you will enjoy additional or specific promotions in terms of deal expert support, financial incentives, PR activities or better insight and training in our products and services that help you in your selling activities and making the internet greener.

We’re committed to supporting all our reseller and partner ambassadors throughout the lifecycle of our relationship and far most helping you grow your business whilst making the internet greener!

join our reseller or partner ambassador program and help us in identifying which programs suits you the best to grow your business by completing following online form:

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