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We strive for maximum scalability of our technology. We believe in co-creation with third parties to boost innovation.

  • Our technology stack consists of:
    • High frequency measurement of data traffic, power and environmental factors;
    • Dashboards, that visualize the measurement results in a simple, yet complete manner;
    • Processing of the data on a decentralized (edge) cloud platform
    • Deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
    • Directing activity of an intelligent switch

I have an idea!


A lot of separate devices have technology that generates data. Most of those data are handled on a stand-alone basis. It’s exactly their coherence and the environmental factors that are necessary to gain insight and draw smart conclusions. These conclusions enable better performance and lower costs. New business models are made possible. 

Ethernetics measurement technology, integrated with existing systems, bring data to our cloud platform to discover the correlations between data streams and to make your data center really smart. 

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Ethernetics has a patented technology that measures with incredible detail. Those measurements are the key to all advantages mentioned above. 

I want to know more!

“Ethernetics doet data-analyse via continue micrometingen van de stroomconsumptie en omgevingsfactoren van alle systemen in uw bedrijf. 

We gebruiken hiervoor onze gepatenteerde energiemeters met directe koppeling naar ons beveiligd cloudplatform.”

Robert Leune, CEO


All starts with data. The very detailed measurement is something we have been doing for quite a while now. On the basis of these data we can take action. Today we strive for fully automated action based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Do you want to take the first step and see what is going on in your rack?

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