We reduce energy consumption at Data Centers and Telco Providers

Ethernetics uses it’s AI-driven Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to monitor and reduce energy usage at the rack level

The problem

Data Centers already use significant amounts of electricity. Digitisation of our society plus the application of AI further increases the growth of electricity consumption. Yet society and legislation imposes to reduce carbon emissions by 2030.

2 – 4%

of global electricity consumption is used by Data Centers

65 – 70%

of electricity in DC goes to servers
(rest goes to cooling)


8 years

Data Centers power
consumption doubles

Our solutions

We measure

Ultra high quality measurement of power consumption, inefficiencies and distortions at outlet level

We react

Real-time adjustment of power inefficiencies, load imbalance and idleness to avoid unnecessary power consumption and heat production

We communicate

We report on energy consumption & saving per server as well as aggregated kWh and CO2 saving per client or for the data centre as a whole

Our Decarbonisation Platform offers energy savings of up to 12,5%

Ethernetics’ Smart PDU actively monitors energy consumption and adapts real-time. We measure the behaviour and harmonic distortion of the electricity by applying our patented measurement techniques. The modular design avoids overinvestment and provides easy replacement or addition of plugs.

Our services

Load Imbalance Correction

Automatic detection and real-time restoration of load imbalance between servers in a rack

Server PSU On/Off Manager

Automatic power supply on/off management. Energy saving by optimisation of the load over the PSU’s

Idle Server Detection

AI-driven detection on patterns of idleness (pure idle, near idle and cyclic idle) to make decision on cyclic energy usage and/or shutdown for shorter or longer periods

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