What we offer

Achieve 5-10% energy saving at server level

Ethernetics is your all-in partner for energy saving & carbon reduction services based on our patented and proprietary Power Distribution Unit. Savings are between 5 – 10% on direct IT equipment power consumption.

Our modular PDU consist of 1 central CPU (Gateway) with the possibilities to add C13 and C19 according to your dynamic needs. The modular approach allows for less material waste and maximum reusability and all electronics and code are architected for keeping our PDU as sustainable and circular as possible.

How we report

We collect electricity efficiency, usage and savings data from our PDUs and present them in your Dashboard. As a customer, you can see the aggregated data for your Data Center over a period of time and drill down to an individual server in a rack. The Dashboard provides a graphical overview of key information such as performance, measurements and consumption. In a very simple and straightforward format, you can see how much energy saving you have realised through Ethernetics services running on our smart PDUs.

What do we offer

Load Imbalance Correction

Automatic detection and real-time restoration of load imbalance between servers in a rack.

Server PSU On/Off Manager

Automatic power supply on/off management. Energy saving by optimisation of the load over the PSU’s

Idle Server Detection

AI-driven detection on patterns of idleness (pure idle, near idle and cyclic idle) to make decision on cyclic energy usage and/or shutdown
for shorter or longer periods.

Our USPs


Testimony of our vision for a long-term power management. You only need the exact number of outlets according to your rack density. Easy-to-replace, repair and upgrade.

Designed with sustainability at the core using recycled material (e.g. aluminium) and re-usability at end-of-life. A commitment to cost reduction and sustainability material usage.

Energy Savings services

Each PDU has it’s central CPU (Gateway) for data storage and programmable energy saving services :

Load Imbalance Correction
Power Supply Management
Idle Server Detection
Predictive Maintenance (to come)

Lowest Carbon Foorprint

The modular approach to functionality allows for less material waste and maximum circularity.

All electronics and code are architected for keeping it clean & green.

Your benefits

Energy Saving

You enjoy lower energy costs, thanks to our patented PDU with energy saving services. Based on high frequencymeasurements of servers and systems, we can measure exactly where the energy losses occur and react on it. Our extensive data collection on a number of parameters enables us to train our AI algorithms, and to automate new processes for ever higher efficiency.


The Ethernetics energy monitory and saving services (based on our patented PDU) can easily be integrated with the 3rd DCIM or Carbon emission management applications.

Compliance & Reporting

Support you EED reporting requirements: Ethernetics PDU support you in collecting the power consumptions and demonstrate saving as part of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) reporting requirements.

Technical specifications

  • vertical 0U
  • rack-mountable
  • attached, changeable inlet cord
  • up to 36 outlets
  • 110 – 230 VAC
  • Oscilloscope-based, real-time, high-resolution true RMS measurements
  • modular:
    • 4-outlet C13 modules
    • 3-outlet C19 modules
  • hot-swappable
  • individual outlet switching
  • outlet-level phase change-over hot switching
  • physical and electronic overcurrent protection
  • Low energy consumption (15W typ. – 30W max)